LTD. "Luch of the North" sells reindeer meat, wild berries and mushrooms from the Republic of Komi. Our goal is to make people happy and healthy through the implementation of organic food, as well as familiarity of the Russian population with the culture of the Komi people.

In addition, we can buy reindeer antlers and skins.

The production of reindeer in the Republic of Komi
Full cycle production: from cultivation of reindeer to the manufacturing of finished products. Herds of deer graze in summer on the coast of the Kara sea. Winter pastures are located in the North of Komi. In the North of Komi reindeer meat is the main meat. Of course, because it is nutritious, wholesome and delicious product! Due to the fact that deer live in the wild, clean places, meals consist of: lichen, mushrooms and berries, they almost do not get sick, and therefore reindeer meat is a pure and safe product.

Harvesting, processing of wild berries and mushrooms grown in environmentally clean districts of the Republic of Komi.
We are the official representatives of the largest procurement organization in the market of wild plants. All products are of high quality and conform to the "requirements on the safety of food products".